Fine Art by Ashley Jennings BA (Hons)

Paintings • Printmaking • Photography • Graphic • Illustration • Letter Art • Tutor • Author

My Artistic story begins as a child who could not stop drawing.

As a teenager I began to paint in oils I had an uncle who introduced me to colour and encouraged me at the tender age of twelve to learn how to paint. Selling my first commissioned piece of a steeplechaser to my history teacher just two years later. I had a hunger for drawing and painting being involved in one form or another in the creative industries from those early days until now. I came from a family of creative people. Although being an Artist wasn't a proper job. 

I gleaned a lot from friends who were trained artists and sign writers. So I got into signage and graphic. 



Lifelong learning is something the Scots have built into their education system. From birth to the grave. This attitude gave me a second chance.

And so as a mature person, I entered Perth college to study Illustration at HND level and in 2014 graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Arts honors degree in fine art, Printmaking, Sculpture, and digital media.

According to a review on the Saatchi website, ' Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design was established as part of the Dundee Institute of Art and Technology in 1892 and became an autonomous institution in 1975 before merging with the University of Dundee in 1996. It is regarded as one of the top Colleges of Art and Design in Britain....' I am proud to have had training from some of the leading artists and Printmakers in Scotland. I 'painted' throughout my time in college. And in year four specialized in printmaking. Screen Printing with Arthur Watson a great artist and academic. I am so pleased to have known him. I also studied stone lithography. 'A beautiful thing'. My instructor once said. And so it is. A 200+ year old process almost died out in favor of modern techniques. One of the wonderful things it does is allows you to draw. Allowing this skill to be respected again. 


From 2014 I shared a studio in Blairgowrie with Master Weaver and textile designer Ashleigh Slater a fellow graduate of Duncan of Jordanstone. While living in Scotland I became a member of Dundee's DCA Printmakers workshop. I have exhibited in various Scottish Galleries and my work has found its way from Scotland to the U.S Canada and Newzealand.I am interested in natural subjects such as Landscape painting and drawing.

Unashamedly I paint wildlife subject and sculpt. I use tinted charcoal to produce figurative drawing both human and animal subjects. I am particularly interested in capturing life in the eye's of the subject. 

Water Colour and Oil paints are my main mediums along with pastel.

Having an understanding of the application of paint is so important to be able to create effects. I am eager to explore in greater depth how these paints stand up to time. Traditionally artist wants the effect but doesn't consider how the use of paint will last.  I am eager to take on board lesson learned by those who have gone before.

I have work in private ownership and have exhibited in various galleries in Scotland



Tutoring / Workshops

 I am an experienced tutor and workshop leader in 2000  Working for Perth College and Perth Museum running leisure classes and one to one tuition. For people wanting to develop work to submit to Art college or University, I am able to offer tailored tuition and portfolio advise. I am also setting up various workshops in different venues.


Design and Art

I offer a design service for your project.

Having worked on a number of projects for companies such as Scottish Newcastle, Eagle developments and Watermedia a part of the Highland Spring Company. As well as numerous private projects and commisions.

I work on Large-scale pieces as well as the intimate small-scale commission.

Advise or inquiries