Whatever  you want

 Lifes Stories in paint & Ink


Fine Art by Ashley Jennings BA (Hons)

Paintings • Printmaking • Photography • Graphic • Illustration • Letter Art • Tutor • Author

Tutoring and Art Workshops


Watercolour painting, Pastel and Drawing are offered for beginners and advanced artists.


Literally drawing on years of experience. Advice on portfolio development and one to one tuition.


It is my belief that play is the best way of learning.  In my starter class's we play with paint.

Demystifying any subject removes the fear of making a mistake and holds anyone back.



Project Work, commisions and Orders


Tailor-made for your space or project


Paintings  • Oils • Watercolour • Pastel • Acrylic

Prints • Screen Prints • Lino cut • Etching and Drypoint • Lithography


Large and small works

Mural and miniature


Lettering • Signwriting • GIlding

Clay Sculpure    

Two Colour Screen Print

Grey and Black



Screen Prints

On the Easel 

Working in the studio


Arabian Horse must be the most beautiful of Horses, these are a couple of sketches for a new charcoal drawing.





Five Colour Screen Print



Commission Art

It has been said 'Art is subjective' 

What I like, you may not like.



what you want I will endeavor to create.


Large works • small works • Paint effects

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